Welcome to the Marketplace for International Permanent Property Swap

Are you having trouble selling your property?
You're not the only one. Someone in your city, country, or the world is trying to sell his/her property that may be suitable for you. And your property may be ideal for him/her. Post your property on Propertyswap.net and find the other property. By posting your property, you can browse the world for your perfect property. You can simultaneously sell and buy your and the other property. Without actually using money. Pay the other property using your house. Communicate directly to other property owners. Consult international advisors for legal advice on permanent property swap. Are you a legal advisor? Please contact us for advertising opportunities.

How does it work?
First, you create a free account. Then you publish your property. You can already browse around other properties you can potentially swap with. Become a paid member! You will be able to see all property information and communicate with other property owners around the world. Talk to professional consultants who know tax and laws. They can assist you in a smooth property swap process.

Once you have found a property and owner who wants to do a permanent property swap, you will have to conduct the swap process by yourself. This process is done outside Propertyswap.net. Once an exchange has been completed successfully, we want to know of course about this fantastic swap operation.

What does Propertyswap.net do for you?
Propertyswap.net is the world's only marketplace for permanent property swap. Private owners, investors, but also real estate related professionals such as lawyers, can become members of Propertyswap.net. Apart from collecting as many as possible properties in our database, so the users have more possibilities to do a permanent property swap, we at Propertyswap.net will try our best to assist you in realizing a permanent property swap. We collect the best international, legal, and tax advice, with the collaboration of many consultants. As a member, you will receive personalized advice and property swap proposals. And for selected members, we can even offer a customized swap search.

The Launch
In the beginning of 2020, the Propertyswap.net website will be launched. Leave your email, and you will receive updates.


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